Rio de Janeiro has two landmarks which are instantly recognizable the world over: Sugar Loaf and the Statue of Christ the redeemer. However, there is much more to discover in this city filled with attractions. Delving into what Rio de Janeiro has to offer is a journey of discovery through the natural world, the arts, history, architecture, and especially through its people.

The residents of Rio de Janeiro, Cariocas as they are known, are very special. Forthright and irreverent, their warmth and sense of fun endear them to all who come into contact with them. Taking their example from the outstretched arms of the Christ Statue, they wholeheartedly welcome visitors to their city. Below is a listing of the major attractions found in the city and its immediate vicinity. 

Corcovado and the Statue of Christ the Redeemer 
Located atop the Corcovado mountain at a height of 2330 feet, the statue the Christ the Redeemer is certainly one of the world’s best-known and most-visited monuments. 

The outing begins in the Cosme Velho District, aboard a miniature train that runs through the steep Atlantic Rainforest up to the foot of the statue, which offers stunning glimpses of Rio from many different angles. The summit can also be reached by road but the first solution is often preferred. 

The Statue at the very top of the mountain, faced with a soapstone mosaic in the finest art déco style, is reached via a flight of steep steps. The view from this vantage point, with the surrounding Tijuca National Park spreading below and a circle of mountains marking the horizon at the very back of Guanabara Bay, is nothing short of breathtaking.